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The Friary Archaeology

Friary Archaeology

Author Manshead Archaeological Society

Excavations of Medieval Features on the Site of Dunstable Friary

The Journal of the Manshead Archaeological Society of Dunstable has published many articles about Friary Field, which was the site of the Dominican Friary in Dunstable. There are reports of the Society’s excavations which continued from 1965 to 1980, an analysis of the medieval pottery found in the excavations, and short reports of excavations by the Department of the Environment and by Bedfordshire County Council. There is a good summary of the excavations in the introduction to the pottery report by Green and Horne (1991).

The articles here do not cover the Roman features in Friary Field. Those features included a cemetery (final report in Bedfordshire Archaeological Journal 15, 1981) and a well (final report in Bedfordshire Archaeological Journal 7, 1972). Note that the interpretation and dating of some of the features has changed since the earlier reports were written.

These files have mainly been produced by scanning original copies of the journals. Unfortunately, the stencil printing processes that were used before 1988 did not always produce a sharp result.

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