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Medieval Walk for Town Guides

Audio Guides for self-guided walks


Manager town walk & recruitment- Vivienne Evans MBE, Author and Historian,

Manager Audio Guides – Jean Yates, Author

The Team

Town Guides

Tony Woodhouse

Helen Sygrove DTC

Hugh Garrod

Dunstable College

Dr Torsten Anders, Course Leader, Music Technology, University of Bedfordshire

Cllr Ann Sparrow

Tony Stephens - Sourced and Programmed the Audio Guides

Vivienne & the Town Guides will;

Jean with expert production help from Dr Torsten Anders at the University of Bedfordshire

To Date;

We are working on the script for the audio guides. We want to incorporate the sounds of the medieval Priory, the chanting etc. in our self-guided audio tour. For this we are looking to use the music of John Dunstaple.

The Town Guides give a variety of walks and talks for groups. The most popular walks that we do are of course the Ghost Walks, but we do other heritage themed town walks during daylight hours! The Medieval theme will add to our Tudor, Odd and Unusual, and WWII repertoire.

On alternate Thursday afternoons you can listen to a Town Guide telling an historical story whilst enjoying a cup of tea in Priory House Heritage Centre. There is a leaflet available in the Tourist Information Centre with the Tea Time Tales programme, and in 2012 there will be regular updates on this project, but tickets must be booked in advance as we sell out regularly.

More details for the Town Guides walks and talks will be found on this website in the events programme for 2013.

Author Jean Yates

Vivienne Evans M.B.E.

Jean Yates - Project Officer

Audio Guides

Cllr Ann Sparrow

Peter Dean and Dr Torsten Anders